Click Stats

The Stats tab ranks your links by which have been clicked the most often, overall. The data is updated hourly and the default view shows the last 30 days, but don’t forget the filter menu can easily show you more or less - or you can select a custom date range. You can also filter by user (choose all users to see whose links are ranking the highest in the organization as a whole), and by label or keyword.

The Activity Stream

The Activity Stream allows you to view your traffic as it happens with updates every 10 seconds. In real-time, view traffic by:

  • Link or Page clicked on
  • Referrer (where they are clicking your link from)
  • City
  • Browser type
  • Device type
  • The long URL associated with your short link
  1. Use this menu to view real-time activity by user.
  2. View link-specific dashboard analytics by clicking on the short URL.
  3. Browser and IP address for each activity record are displayed here. Need to block an IP address from showing up in your stats? Click the red “no symbol” here.
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