BudURL is a true link management platform- we offer a flexible, reliable service that doesn't just shorten a link, but allows you to manage your whole ecosystem. This goes beyond social media as BudURL short URLs can be used at the point of sale, on product packaging, throughout your website - the possibilities are endless.

While there are a host of differences between us and other platforms that offer short URLs, the two most significant features that are one-of-a-kind to BudURL are:

  1. The ability to edit a short URL
  2. 100% data security

For a handy side-to-side feature comparison chart for BudURL, Bitly and Goo.gl, click here. For a full list of BudURL features, click here.

How is BudURL different than Po.st?

At a surface level, Po.st offers basic, free link shortening and tracking in a very similar format to Bitly. In addition, the Po.st platform focuses on collecting audience demographic data for the purpose of identifying user personas. Users can monetize their links by serving targeted ads to these user personas through Po.st, with RadiumOne (the digital advertising platform that powers Po.st) getting a cut of the revenue. Po.st also offers social media publishing.

BudURL does not serve as an ad platform or benefit in any from the user data collected by hosting short URLs. BudURL's focus is link management - editing, routing and optimizing your short URLs across all aspects of your company's ecosystem.

What about Aw.sm, Sprinklr, etc?

Platforms like Aw.sm (recently acquired and rebranded as Unified Social), and Sprinklr, focus on social media management and activation. They offer a built-in URL shortener, but they do not allow link management in the ability to control, route and optimize your links. You are limited to only using those URLs for social media, and there are many more ways to win with a good link management strategy.

If I leave another service, can I take my links and my existing short domain with me?

Absolutely! While they may not advertise it, it's possible to transfer your short domain and URLs without any downtime for any service. The BudURL support team has helped many customers make this a seamless process. We have migrated hundreds of thousands of URLs without any customer disruption. If you're interested in what that looks like, click here to read the steps for a common migration process. And if you think your situation might be uncommon, we are happy to hop on the phone and discuss the details of how we'll make it work.

How does the pricing compare?

We've consistently found that we are able to offer a more robust platform for a much better price than other services. One of the reasons is that our platform is not rigid - we offer tiered plans so you can choose what features are important to you and not have to pay for power that you won't utilize. Our commitment to flexibility ensures you're not stuck trying to fit your specific business needs into a inflexible plan. And, we're willing to customize - we would love to hop on the phone to discuss your needs and evaluate the possibility of a custom plan.

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