If you edited the destination of a link and saved, but your short URL doesn't appear to redirect to the new destination, the lag could be due to the redirect type you have chosen. If your default redirect is set to "Permanent (301)," most browsers will cache the destination and it is possible that your changes will not be reflected in a timely manner.

Clearing your browser cache should clear it up. Additional ways to test your link include trying a different browser or to try it on a smart phone or tablet.

If you choose "Temporary (307)" as your default redirect type, you can avoid delays in redirect updates. This setting ensures that your short links always call to our platform and do not cached in your browser.

To update your default redirect type, log into your account and go to the "Edit Profile" tab, look fir "Default Redirect Type" and set it to "Temporary (307)". You can also choose your redirect type on a per link basis from the "Create a Link" form on your dashboard.

Read more about Redirect Types here.

Also, in our system, links such as "www.budurl.com/shortname" are treated differently than "budurl.com/shortname" - notice the missing "www." in front of the first example. You should never use a link with a "www." at the front of it when linking to BudURL links. Anyone who clicks on a "www." link will be taken to our website and not our short URL platform.

Incorrect Example: www.budurl.com/gaba

Correct Example: budurl.com/gaba

If you have links like this that were posted by accident, we can create a special redirect on our website so that they still work, but you must provide us with a list of these so that we can manually create an exception.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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