BudURL will allow you to import a batch of links through a CSV import process. This is useful if you are migrating your URLs from bitly, yourls, or another URL platform. In addition, if you're working on a special project where you need to generate a large number of links, the import process will work for this as well. The file may be generated through Excel or any other means capable of creating a .CSV formatted file.

1. Column A includes all of your long URLs that you wish to create.

2. Column B (OPTIONAL) includes the custom alias you wish to use. If it is blank, a random alias will be assigned.

3. Column C (OPTIONAL) this column will be used for the Notes field in BudURL.

4. Column D (OPTIONAL) this column contains the expiration date if you wish to auto-delete your link on a specific date.

5. Column E (OPTIONAL) this column contains the email address of the link owner (note: the account must already exist in BudURL or the importing owner will be used instead)

6. Column F (OPTIONAL) this column will set the redirect type of the link (301 or 307) otherwise defaults to the importing user redirect type preference

7. REMOVE HEADER ROW (row 1) before exporting your CSV file. Header rows will break the import.

8. Export your file as a .csv file (.txt or .xls will NOT work)

Additional import options available:
• Validate only: This function will check your file to ensure it is set up to import properly, but will not actually perform the import.
• Overwrite existing links: Check this box if you'd like to use the import function to bulk update existing links on any of the column values. ONLY use this function if you're sure you want to overwrite your existing link details. If the box is not checked, the import will skip any existing links and only add new ones. 

See below for a how-to video. To access the Import area, visit your Settings page or click this link.

Download a sample file here.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

NOTE: While our import process will support importing a much larger number, if you plan to import greater than 10,000 links, please contact us first.

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