The current owner will need to log into the account, go to "Settings/Personal Settings/My Account." From there the account name and email can be edited.

If the new account owner is already a user on the account, a little user "shuffle" is required. Because the system will not allow a user to be entered in an account twice, the change requires the following:

  1. Temporarily change the email address of the "current user soon-to-be-owner" to something not currently in the system. The current owner can do this by logging in, going to Settings / People and editing.
  2. The departing owner's information can then be updated to the "current user soon-to-be-owner's" actual information.
  3. Then new owner can then delete the account setup with the temporary email address. The new owner will own all of the links previously assigned to the old owner as well as those under the temporary email address [new owner's previous user account].

If there are any issues, please let us know and we can help you out behind the scenes.

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