The possibilities are endless when it comes to tracking and analyzing your insights with BudURL. In this article we'll walk through a high-level overview of the BudURL's stats capabilities- we highly recommend using this link to schedule a full demo if you'd like to learn more!

Please note that all of BudURL's analytics can be filtered by date range, keyword, label, and user. (Note: Viewing stats generated by users other than yourself requires admin access.)

  1. Dashboard: Think of the dashboard as your home base. Take a birds-eye view of your link stats as a whole, with a variety of charts measuring your traffic by time, device type, referrals, labels and geography. (See below for an annotated Dashboard walkthrough!
  2. Individual link: Each short link has it's own version of the analytics included in your dashboard. You'll find this by clicking on any of your links from the main link manager. This view also includes a detailed breakdown of every click you've received - the latest 25 will show on the link detail, and the rest can be downloaded instantly to CSV.
  3. Click stats: To see your highest ranking links at a glance, visit the Click Stats section which ranks them by highest traffic in the last 30 days (a range you can tweak as needed.)
  4. Activity stream: A real-time window into your traffic, the activity stream updates every 10 seconds and shows detailed info from every click as it happens.

The BudURL team is here to help! Let us know if you're looking for a specific insight that you can't put your finger on, and chances are very good that we'll be able to help. Start the conversation here:

Happy linking!

BudURL Dashboard Example:

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