An omnichannel marketing strategy refers to an approach that creates a consistent customer and brand experience across multiple mediums. An omnichannel campaign would include messaging that is consistent no matter how a customer approaches your business - from a desktop computer to a mobile device, to in-store and what they hear when they call you on the phone. Let's use a fictional national clothing retailer, 44Looks, as an example here. They're running a back to school campaign and want to knock it out of the park! Here's our advice to produce a great omnichannel marketing campaign:

  1. Start by creating branded short URLs for each item and landing page you want to include in the BTS campaign- probably a mix of individual clothing items and landing pages with specific promotions like 20% off every $100 spent.
  2. Use custom hashtags for each short URL - is more compelling to click than a randomly generated hashtag like
  3. Use dynamic routing to optimize your links - send mobile traffic to your app using deep linking, and desktop traffic to your full site.
  4. Use labels to differentiate what channel you are using links on - Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, email, etc. - you'll be able to filter your analytics in snap down the road.
  5. Be sure to use branded short URLs for paid ads too - while AdWords and Facebook (and others) will provide their own analytics, you'll be able to compare your results across all of your channels within one platform by using trackable short URLs across the board.
  6. For email marketing, attach short URLs to your images! Track them right alongside your other messages.
  7. Generate in-store signage for the same promos - use QR codes tied to the same short URLs you're using for online promos, in-store (use a licensed 3rd party QR code generator of your choice.) Why QR codes?
  8. Showrooming is common across industries - especially during high volume shopping times when people might want to see the merchandise in person, but make the purchase decision from the comfort of their living room. QR codes will help direct them exactly where they need to go to buy online at a later date.
  9. A product landing page offers a lot more information than an in-store store can - don't deprive customers who are interested in learning more from the opportunity to view more colors, reviews, etc. by scanning a QR code in-store.
  10. If you're doing print ads or direct mail - use a QR code AND print the branded short URL, so you'll know not only know how much attention your traditional spend is generating, you'll get a sense of your audience's preference on accessing the information.
  11. Distribute the promotion details and messaging to your customer support teams in-store, online and at the call center. The hardest part of omnichannel marketing is ensuring consistency across teams - make it easy for them to provide a great customer experience by using smart link management and providing the same information no matter how it is accessed.
  12. Track the results and make iterative tweaks as needed. Since you used one set of short URLs and optimized them across channels, it's easy to tell how things are going. Your BudURL dashboard will show you traffic by mobile device, QR scans, location and more - so you'll know exactly which messages are generating the most buzz.
  13. Need to switch gears? Edit the destination of your short URL at any time - if you run out of a specific item or want to move away from a low performing promotion, redirect those links to a new destination in seconds. Your short URL does not change and that's what is tied to the QR code, so they'll instantly redirect to the new destination with no extra steps.

The reality is - many customers are going to approach you in a variety of ways before they make a purchase. They might click through from a tweet to view an item, but go in-store to buy it. Or they might browse in-store, but ultimately place an order from their laptop. You can't predict individual customer behavior - so optimize for it!

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