When adding a domain to BudURL, you will need to modify DNS for the domain or sub-domain.  This process is usually very simple and should only take a few minutes, depending on your corporate IT processes.  Once updated, DNS may take up to 24 hours to update as the new entry propagates, however it often happens much faster.

First, there are two options depending on the type of domain you are using with BudURL.  

Option 1:  Primary Domain
If you are using a dedicated primary domain (ie, somedomain.com), you will need to create an A Record.  This is one of the many types of DNS entries.

Your A Record should point to the IP address of:

Option 2: Sub-Domain
If you are using a sub-domain from your primary domain (ie, go.somedomain.com), then you may use a CNAME.  This is another type of DNS entry.  Rather than an IP address, a CNAME is a pointer to another domain.  

Pro Customers:  pro.dns.budurl.com
Enterprise Customers:  instanceID.dns.budurl.com
(if your BudURL instance is hosted at acme.budurl.com your dns would point to acme.dns.budurl.com)

How will I know if my DNS is configured properly?

If you'd like to double-check your work, the easiest way is to contact us via live chat using the orange chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.  If you'd like, we also recommend using the OpenDNS Cache Check to verify your DNS updates from various points around the globe.

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