BudURL recently began defaulting to a minimal Dashboard view with an option to expand to show a full version.  The reason?  Speed.

When the Dashboard is first displayed, the only graphs visible by default are Daily Total Clicks and Total Hourly Clicks.  The rest is one extra click away via the "Show All Analytics" link at the bottom of the page.

With one click, the Dashboard will expand to show all of the remaining graphs.

We found that most visits to the Dashboard were about checking daily click totals and that the Dashboard is one of the most loaded pages in BudURL.  The problem is that calculating all of that real-time data across a variety of graphs takes time - especially for our customers with massive click volumes.  In reality, most of the graphs were not being used more than once or twice per session.  To speed up your BudURL experience, we trimmed away the less frequently referenced graphs and kept the bare bones as default options.  The rest are one-click away.

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