URL Builder

  • What it does: 

BudURL’s URL Builder is a tool that allows you to easily append UTM parameters to a branded short link, and send click data from that link to your web analytics platform of choice. The UTM parameters available in the URL builder are campaign source, campaign medium, campaign name, campaign term, and campaign content. It’s not a requirement to use every parameter when using the URL builder.

  • Why you should use it:

Data from the URL builder gives you a clearer sense of which marketing channels are the most successful for your company. As well as the success of individual campaigns within each channel. Having this added insight can help you make important decisions, like whether or not the Facebook ad campaign your company ran for their annual sale brought in enough revenue to justify running a similar campaign for next year’s sale. Using the URL builder can also help you decide which marketing channels you should be investing in long-term. 

  • How it works:

When creating a new link in BudURL, under the box where you can enter the “Archive Link Date,” there is a drop down menu labeled “Choose URL Builder.” . After selecting your web analytics platform, the next five boxes are where you enter each UTM parameter that you want to append to your link. Once your UTM parameters have been selected, hit “save” in the bottom lefthand corner of the page, and your short link with UTM parameters is ready to go. 

  • How to set it up:

Google Analytics is the only default platform live for Pro. If you are an account admin, you can add the UTM parameters you want to use by going to the settings page, clicking “URL Builders” under the settings for your domain, then clicking the pencil icon next to “Google Analytics.” 

  • What analytics platforms it can work with (and how to request one):

Currently, the only default platform available is Google Analytics. But the URL builder can also be integrated with CoreMetrics and Adobe Analytics (Omniture Site Catalyst). Setting up a non-default or custom integration will be done by the Client Success Manager who handles your account. You can schedule a call with your CSM here. Or you can email help@budurl.co if you have any other questions.

  • Best Practices: 

- A general best best practice for using UTM parameters in your short links is to make short links with individual UTM parameter combination for every medium, source, and campaign you’ll be using your short links for. This level of detail allows you to take full advantage of the data that UTM parameters can offer.

- Consider creating a masked link for short links that will contain UTM parameters. Visible UTM parameters can give competing companies a glimpse into your marketing strategy.

- More best practices can be found here, and in our webinar.

  • Difference between the free version and the add-on enterprise option:

The free version of the URL builder has customizable templates (on Grove and Orchard plans only) for your UTM parameters, so that you don’t have to enter your parameters manually for each link you create. The enterprise version of the URL builder has customizable templates as well, but is a custom build. 

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