The best way to dive into your shiny new BudURL account is to create your first link! Use the "Add New" menu in the top left corner to select the "Link" option.

 You'll come to a simple form- fill out the requested fields, save, and you're in business! A few tips to keep in mind when creating links:

 You can change your long URL destination at any time and your short URL redirect will update instantly

  • Specify your short URL hashtag or leave it blank for a randomly generated suffix
  • Use the notes field to specify any details about the link that might be useful to reference, especially keywords which you can use when searching and filtering later
  • For questions about Redirect Types, reference our FAQ article here
  • Don't forget to save! 

Using Labels

Think of labels as a tagging system within your link index - using them makes your work easier and more efficient. You can add as many custom labels to your account as you need, and we recommend applying a label to every single link. (You can add more than one label to each link, too.)

Benefits to Using Labels:

  • Organize links into easily searchable groups
  • View analytics by groups of links
  • Simplify campaign reporting 
  • Easily share results with other account users or clients 

Best Practices for Using Labels:

  • Social Media Type (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Email Type
  • Campaign Type (Direct mail, television, posters, etc.)
  • Client Type - Agencies can use labels to track data by client
  • Language 
  • Location
  • Month / Year

An example use case for labels: Let’s say you are running a special promotion throughout the month of June in which you are testing offering a giveaway to increase referrals. You also want to test different messaging on Twitter vs Facebook to see what is converting better on those channels. 

You’d want to create the following labels to maximize your ability to measure ROI on this campaign: Twitter, Facebook, Giveaways, Referral Campaigns, June. Then, tag your links with the relevant labels as you create them, and also tag your other links not related to this promotion with relevant labels as well. 

As your results roll in, you’ll be able to easily tell if the campaign that included a giveaway got more clicks, and which messaging worked best on your different social channels. And when you are planning for next year, you can go back and filter by June to see how certain campaigns performed that time of year. 

How to Create Labels

Bookmark this link to hop right to the Label management page (make sure you’re logged into your BudURL account for it to work.) You can also add a new label right from the "Create a Link" page.  

Easily edit existing labels and create new ones from your "Manage Labels" page. As with other areas of the BudURL site, the pencil icon will allow you to edit the existing information. The “Number of Links/Pages/Campaigns” column indicates how many times the label is used across your content. 

If you are ready to move on, go to Lesson 2: Overview of your Stats

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