So you're using the BudURL URL Builder, and you have a long list of URLs to put into the platform, all with varying parameters. Follow these instructions to upload URLs en masse, saving time and maximizing efficiency while guaranteeing that your URLs follow your organization's standards.

  1. Go to the Import Links tool within BudURL.
  2. Choose the URL Builder you are working with from the drop down options.
  3. Download the CSV file that appears at the top of your screen. 
  4. The CSV file will contain columns corresponding with your parameters. Fill out the spreadsheet according to your needs. Be sure to only enter variables that match the options that appear for your URL Builder.
  5. When you are finished, please delete the first header row.
  6. Export your file as a .CSV file.
  7. Import your file using the "Validate Only" tool. This feature will check your file for duplicates and any invalid links.
  8. Import your file into the Import Links section of BudURL. Your links will automatically be tagged with a Label including the import time and date.

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