BudURL stats are raw and we report every click that you receive - with 4 exceptions (see below). We do not limit clicks based on unique clicks (though we do break down unique and total clicks for each individual link), application clicks, etc. The raw details are reported at the bottom of the individual link page so you can see the hostnames of each click. Twitter, Facebook, etc. do not share their algorithm for click counting, so unfortunately we aren't sure exactly how they report their clicks.

Click Exceptions
The following types of traffic may be removed to provide a clearer picture of human-generated stats.

  1. Systems that self-identify as a "bot" (ex: googlebot)
  2. IPs added to your Block IP list will be removed from your stats
  3. Preview/Pre-fetch clicks identified through HTTP headers
  4. Clicks originating from known and published data center IP blocks (ie, AWS)

All other click traffic will be visible to you through our click analytics.

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